As of 1st June 2024 our kennel tariffs will be as follows;-
Small Dog £14 per night.
Medium Dog £15 per night.
Large Dog £16 per night.
Discount of £1.50 per dog sharing.
10% discount for NHS workers .

We still remain very competitive compared to other local kennel establishments.
Suzanne & Kevin.  


Tariff fees
& charges

Charges are inclusive of day of admission but we do not charge for the day of departure if you collect before 11.30am.

A discount of £1.50 per dog per day will be applied when two or more dogs share the same kennel.

Boarding fees

Small dog

Own heated kennel

Own exercise run 

Supplied bedding

Price is per day boarding

£  14.00

Boarding fees

Medium dog

Own heated kennel

Own exercise run

Custom Meals

Price is per day boarding

£  15.00

Boarding fees

Large dog

Own heated kennel

Own exercise run

Supplied bedding

Price is per day boarding

£  16.00

Check-in Time

Monday - Friday

9-12pm and 4-6pm.
Saturday 9-4pm.
Sunday 10-1pm.


Bring their favorite toys and bedding to help them feel at home.

Elswick Kennels
Dog Boarding at Elswick Kennels

Dog Boarding

All our staff are well trained, careful and loving with your pet, we have years of experience both in boarding and animal help and welfare.

Our staff are trained to give your pet their medication as instructed and great care is taken to follow and administer their medications. 

Medication is administered free of charge.

Apart from your dog please remember to bring the following:

Their vaccination card (including kennel cough)
Any special diet foods, and bedding and toys you feel with hep them settle, additional treats

Any medication. 

More about Elswick Kennels

ELSWICK KENNELS. Give your Best Friend the best holiday available. Individual care and attention at competitive prices.
A home from home.
There are three kennel blocks and each kennel has an indoor bedding area and separate outdoor run. The kennels range in size from small to large. The largest kennels are easily capable of accommodating 3 large dogs. All kennels have individual heating.
All the dogs are walked daily off the premises with the owners written consent. In addition all dogs are exercised within one of the three exercise areas on an individual basis. Only dogs from the same home are exercised or walked together.

Discounts for more than one dog from the same family occupying a single kennel.

We operate a fully insured delivery and collection service at competitive rates.

  • We are a fully licensed boarding kennel for 64 dogs

  • We have three spacious exercise areas.

  • Special diets (prescription, BARF) or feeding regimes can be catered for.

  • Medication is administered free of charge.

  • Staff canine first aid trained

Pet Boarding

Elswick Kennels
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