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Elswick Boarding Kennels
Meet the Team
Suzanne Syers
Director of Elswick Kennels
Trustee of UK German Shepherd Rescue
About Suzanne
After working in rescue for over 15 years, Suzanne set up her own rescue , UK German Shepherd Rescue, in 2010. Soon after she began boarding her rescue dogs in Elswick kennels - so the natural progression was to become the owner in 2018! Suzanne is known for her love of all breeds of dogs- and usually keeps the wonky ones! Hobbies include dogs, dogs & more dogs!
Kev Syers
Director of Elswick Kennels
Trustee of UK German Shepherd Rescue
About Kev
Again, having a long history of rescuing dogs, Kev's passion is now reality! Known for his calm, gentle way with dogs- Kev does often get called Dr Dolittle! Often seen wandering around talking to himself! Hobbies are his 1 winged African Grey Parrot called Cracker, his dogs & music! Altogether if possible!


Learn more about the work of the UK German Shepherd Rescue and how we grew to be on of the UK's largest and most loved rescues. (click image)

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Meet The Team